A car over an embankment.
Children caught in the undertow.
Stranded climbers.
And perhaps most well-known of them all: the heartbreak of September 11th—and all that came with it.

As we’ve seen over the years, firefighters have come a long way from simply putting out wayward flames and saving cats from trees. Now with the advent of extreme sports and a more fast-paced lifestyle comes a variety new technical rescue disciplines—and from scaling high altitudes to defying the depths of any icy expanse, rescue personnel have since been facing a diverse range of scenarios where their quality of training is of the utmost importance.

Since 2002, Pioneer Rescue & Outfitters, LLC has provided the tools and expertise needed to help teams prepare for this rise in technical rescue disciplines. We specialize in preparing you for ice and cold water rescue, low angle and high angle rope rescue, basic river rescue, swiftwater rescue, and grain engulfment rescue.

What’s more, P.R.O. knows that finding time to train can be difficult, so we bring the classes to you! This means you’ll be able to train close to home; in your own jurisdiction with your own equipment.

The result? You and your team will be readily available to respond to calls in a way that can help people in the times they need it most—when lives are at stake and seconds count.

So take this opportunity to make one of the most valuable investments you can. Familiarize yourself with what our training pages have to offer today, and in turn you’ll help prepare yourself for whatever may happen tomorrow.