Since 2002, Pioneer Rescue & Outfitters, LLC has been equipping professional rescue personnel
with the skills and knowledge needed to assess and alleviate danger in high-stress situations. 

Through proven teaching techniques and specialized guidelines, we can train you in the technical rescue disciplines of ice rescue,
flood and swift water rescue, low angle and high angle ropes, river rescue, and grain engulfment rescue.
Our instructors are experienced, eager to teach, and are heavily involved in the emergency service field, because when rescue is your passion, the rest just comes naturally.

We are constantly evolving through state-of-the-art technology, so in turn we strive to evaluate and develop our classes in order to provide you
with relevant information and training that will suit your situation best—anytime, anywhere.

Meet the PRO Team

The team that makes our ability to provide quality rescue services possible!




Scott Rieckmann has over 40 years of experience as a firefighter, and currently serves as Fire Chief and owner/lead instructor of P.R.O. He has spent the better part of his life immersed in what we call rescue—but what Scott would call a lifestyle. He is certified in nearly all disciplines of technical rescue, including flood/swiftwater, high and low ropes, confined space, ice, search and rescue, airboat operation, and grain engulfment. Scott is a WI State Fire Instructor, Officer, former SAR task force leader, and has been actively teaching technical rescue for over fifteen years.  When he’s not serving at the department or working with Pioneer, Scott can usually be found outside – camping, biking, or relaxing by the campfire

KAYLIN Rieckmann



Kaylin Rieckmann has been an on-call firefighter since 2010.  She is proud to be a P.R.O. instructor, and currently serves as her town’s Emergency Manager.  She is certified in high angle ropes, slope evacuation, swiftwater rescue, grain engulfment, and ice rescue.  She is a Wisconsin State Certified driver/operator, EMR, and Emergency Services Instructor.



"Took the swiftwater technician training this weekend! Was an absolute blast! Scott, Kaylin, and Abby were wonderful and fun instructors!! They really have a passion for the material and made everything wonderful!! Thank you soooooo much!"

Thiensville FD

“It was another great class put on by Pioneer Rescue and Outfitters LLC thank you guys hope to see you guys in June”

Jeff – Green Valley FD

Green Valley FD
“Thank you for everything, we had a blast with you guys this weekend thank you guys again”
Amberg FD
“The best instructors I've ever had, in all the trainings I've done. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge, and praise you for how well you do it.” Keith – Lodi FD
Lodi FD



We offer 2 core flood and swiftwater courses – Operations & Technician.  Our instructors tailor our courses to fit your needs and emphasize your jurisdiction’s focus areas.

Looking for something entirely customized to your jurisdiction? We do that as well!
We can, and have, customized hybrid classes for individual departments.
Examples: Lake rescues & patient transfers to boats, low head dam operations, gorge or restricted access water rescue, etc.
Contact us and let’s discuss your team’s unique training needs!

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River or flood rescues represent the second level of aquatic rescues which is a step above lake, a step below swiftwater, and considerably below whitewater. However, even that gentle stream that you can usually wade through can become a life-threatening force after a sudden downpour. To put things into perspective: Today, firefighters are 400% more likely to drown than to die in a fire. This class is designed to be “shore based” and “boat based”. We teach you the swimming skills you can use to save yourself if you end up in the water unexpectedly.

Our two-day Awareness/Operations course covers shore based and tethered boat rescues.

The day is spent in the classroom covering:

  • Essential knots and rigging
  • How to read the river
  • Patient handling
  • Water Incident Management
  • Throw bag techniques including vectoring lines
  • Up-stream spotters and down-stream safety back-ups
  • Use of floating hose lines
  • Whistle commands and hand signals for communications

The day is spent on site for hands-on training:

  • Defensive and offensive survival swimming techniques
  • Wading drills & Low water crossings
  • Throw bag rescues
  • Methods to avoid and confront “strainers” (The number one killer of victims and rescuers who end up being swept down-stream)
  • Tethered boat rescues
  • Highline boat rescues & rope rigging systems

Our 16 hour class is NFPA compliant. Open enrollment dates Summer 2024 are June 15-18, or at your location.


Successful completion of a 1000′ endurance swim is required.

  • Defensive Swimming Techniques
  • Offensive Swimming Strategies
  • Leveraging the power of the current
  • Throw bag drills to re-enforce skills
  • Diagonal highlines & rigging systems
  • Snowfence drills
  • Tethered rescue swimmer
  • Zipline patient transfers

A practical skills test completes the 16 hour class at the end of the second day.

Students are required to supply their own PPE.

Pre-requisite: NFPA Operations level certification




Rope rescue skills are used in almost all technical rescue disciplines. This two-day entry level class will take the beginner to operations level. For those who have a need for high angle ropes training, this class (15-45 degrees) provides the perfect foundation to build upon.

Not every jurisdiction has the need for high angle ropes, but nearly everyone has a slope that is hard to traverse, including gravel pits, sledding hills, elevated highways, and remote wooded areas.

The morning will be spent in the classroom:

  • Methods
  • Knots
  • Hardware
  • Systems
  • Patient Handling

The afternoon will be spent on-site for hands-on training:

  • Systems—Mechanical Advantages
  • Haul Teams/Litter Teams
  • Basic Evolutions

Practical: Out on the Slopes

  • Raising/Lowering Systems
  • Simulated Rescues
  • Introduction to Belay Lines


This three-day class continues where the Low Angle/ Slope Evacuation Class left off. This class covers NFPA 1670 technician level evolutions.

Proof of completion of an operations level class or equivalent within the last 3 years.

We can bring the training to your area allowing:

  • Training in your possible rescue location
  • Less time out of your personnel’s busy schedule
  • Elimination of travel or lodging expense for your whole team
  • Availability of personnel to respond to incidents

The morning will be spent in the classroom:

  • Methods
  • Knots Review
  • Hardware
  • Systems Review
  • Advanced Systems
  • Rope Management
  • Rappelling Basics
  • Patient Handling (emphasis on vertical)

On-site for hands-on training:

  • Review of Classroom Material
  • Rappelling
  • Litter Tending
  • Simulated Rescues
  • Challenging Scenarios

On-site for hands-on training:

  • Kick It Up to the Next Level
  • Advanced Situations



Nearly every jurisdiction has areas of potential cold water hazard, including lakes, rivers, farm ponds, retention ponds, and flooded quarries. Pioneer Rescue & Outfitters, LLC offers North America’s finest cold water/ice rescue training program available. In just one day your department can be trained to the technician level, giving you the skills necessary to perform a successful cold water rescue.

We will conduct training at possible rescue sites in your area, allowing you to keep your training costs down and keep your team available for calls, and we can tailor your training to work with your available resources.

The morning will be spent in the classroom:

  • Methods
  • Aquatic Environment
  • Hypothermia – stages and treatment
  • Emotional Environment of a call
  • Equipment
  • Pre-planning

The afternoon will be spent on-site for hands-on training:

  • Self-Rescue
  • Reach Rescue
  • Throw Rescue
  • Row Rescue
  • Go Rescue
  • Advanced rescue evolutions




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