Low Angle Ropes Rescue / Slope Evacuation

Rope rescue skills are used in almost all technical rescue disciplines. This two-day entry level class will take the beginner to operations level. For those who have a need for high angle ropes training, this class (15-45 degrees) provides the perfect foundation to build upon.

Not every jurisdiction has the need for high angle ropes, but nearly everyone has a slope that is hard to traverse, including gravel pits, sledding hills, elevated highways, and remote wooded areas.

Day One

The morning will be spent in the classroom:

  • Methods
  • Knots
  • Hardware
  • Systems
  • Patient Handling

The afternoon will be spent on-site for hands-on training:

  • Systems—Mechanical Advantages
  • Haul Teams/Litter Teams
  • Basic Evolutions

Day Two

Practical: Out on the Slopes

  • Raising/Lowering Systems
  • Simulated Rescues
  • Introduction to Belay Lines

Contact P.R.O. at (920) 850-1232 to register for upcoming classes or to schedule your own.