Cold Water / Ice Rescue Training

Nearly every jurisdiction has areas of potential cold water hazard, including lakes, rivers, farm ponds, retention ponds, and flooded quarries. Pioneer Rescue & Outfitters, LLC offers North America’s finest cold water/ice rescue training program available. In just one day your department can be trained to the technician level, giving you the skills necessary to perform a successful cold water rescue.

We will conduct training at possible rescue sites in your area, allowing you to keep your training costs down and keep your team available for calls, and we can tailor your training to work with your available resources.

The morning will be spent in the classroom:

  • Methods
  • Aquatic Environment
  • Hypothermia – stages and treatment
  • Emotional Environment of a call
  • Equipment
  • Pre-planning

The afternoon will be spent on-site for hands-on training:

  • Self-Rescue
  • Reach Rescue
  • Throw Rescue
  • Row Rescue
  • Go Rescue
  • Advanced rescue evolutions

Contact P.R.O. at (920) 850-1232 to register for upcoming classes or to schedule your own.